Mobile Computing Whether it be smartphones, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPads, netbooks or high-powered laptops and mobile workstations, AceNet can help by advising the pros and cons of each alternative, and then configure and implement the best solution for your business or organisation. Make sure you are using mobile technology to your best advantage, but at the same time not exposing your staff, business-critical data and intellectual property to unnecessary risks.

Stay connected with your corporate communications systems no matter where you are. AceNet Solutions has years of experience supplying expert advice and mobile devices such as the iPhone/iPad by Apple, Windows Mobile (WM), Palm, Blackberry, Android, Nokia Symbian, and laptop computers from leading vendors. We will provide you with the best solutions for 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi wireless access, mobile email/calendar/contacts/office productivity, and all working with your corporate mail server or other information systems (i.e. Microsoft Office 365).

Talk to us about getting more out of your mobile computing platform for your workforce.