software licensing Is your business or organisation fully licensed for all the applications it uses? If a major vendor was to conduct a software audit, are you confident that no discrepancies would be found? Do you have the time and resources to track and manage your varied software licensing requirements?

In our experience, the answer in most cases is no. That's where AceNet solutions can help.

We can provide software asset management via a comprehensive strategy that ensures that your organisation is legally compliant by verifying that all software assets within your organisation lie within legal limits in terms of adequate valid licenses, usage, and rights. We then are able to identify gaps that may exist and advise appropriate measures to mitigate these, thereby reducing and eliminating the organisation's legal exposure in regards to its software licensing.

The first step in the process is usually a Software Licensing Audit of what is installed, where it is installed, and its usage, providing a reconciliation of these findings against actual licenses available. We are also able to assist in the establishment and administration of a system for centrally managing licensing records.