reporting AceNet's Business intelligence (BI) solutions assist our customers in identifying, extracting, and analysing business data, isolating trends, and enables forecasting of such metrics as sales revenue by product/department, analyses of profitability by cost centre, and a wealth of other insights into organisation performance.

AceNet BI technologies provide historical, minute-by-minute and predictive windows into business operations. This involves reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive analytics.

The aim of AceNet BI is to facilitate better business decision-making and to provide competitive intelligence, and in this pursuit, speed and flexibility are critical to successful and meaningful BI reporting. In any business intelligence solution, reporting that is accurate and relevant is the key to successfully using data to improve organisational efficiency. Regardless of how advanced the data mining technology, the information has no value if your users cannot easily view and understand it, and find the answers to their queries.

But with many out-of-the-box business intelligence products, reporting is possible only as long as the information required falls within the scope of ready-made reports. When answers are needed that pre-defined reports can't supply, it is cumbersome and time-consuming to prepare data, reconfigure the report, or attempt to create something by cobbling different reports together in a make-shift spreadsheet. For Enterprise and government bodies that need to be highly accountable, these types of limitations are not acceptable.

AceNet's custom Business Intelligence data mining applications provide advanced analytic capabilities that let users easily explore a data set in real time and visually interact with it. Users can make a wide scope of queries and are not confined to a small set of pre-configured reports. For our client's, AceNet's BI analytics solutions are critical tools for achieving the edge in the marketplace, solving management and administration quandaries, and improving performance in a host of areas such as manufacturing, customer service, purchasing, warehousing, sales and marketing, to name a few. In highly demanding organisational environments, decisions based on analytics need to be made quickly and with assurance. With AceNet BI, business intelligence reporting has never been as easy and as powerful.

AceNet's Business Intelligence Solutions:
  • Integrate data from any data source
  • Build, manage and deploy scalable reporting solutions
  • Populate the data warehouse and build a holistic view of the organisation
  • Report on data throughout the enterprise
  • Create, manage, and deliver reports with interactive views, giving a 'crystal ball' view of the organisation's direction
  • Provide a consolidated view across all business dimensions, enabling deep insight into the key drivers impacting the enterprise