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The widespread adoption by Business of the internet as a primary means of doing business provides immeasurable dividends in terms of business growth. At the same time this also opens up a whole range of security-related issues and concerns which need to be taken under consideration and dealt with. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to permanently defending your organisation; this needs to be an ongoing and evolving effort. As new, more cunning threats emerge, there must be a vigilant program of implementing new IT security measures whether in the form of software, hardware, systems or policies. The arsenal of AceNet's Security Solutions includes:

Firewalls and UTMs - firewalls create a barrier protecting your network by permit or deny network traffic based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass. Today more commonly known as security appliances or Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, they cover firewall (stateful and deep packet inspection), spam, viruses, spyware, content filtering and intrusion detection/prevention.

Email Security - with email messaging now the dominant method of business communication, taking steps to secure your organisation against email-borne viruses and spam threats has never been more important. Email content filters are able to block certain types of material from being received, confidential or sensitive information being sent, and email image filters can control inappropriate images such as pornography. Email security can take a number of forms including cloud-based services.

Web Security - targeted and sophisticated web-based attacks are forever on the rise in the attempt to gain access to business networks in order to propagate malware, compromise bandwidth, and steal personal and confidential information. Our Web security services protect you against viruses and sypware embedded in harmful websites, and provide web content and URL filtering to govern how your employees use the Internet. Web security can take a number of forms including cloud-based services.

Antivirus - Anti-Virus protection for desktop PCs, mobile PCs and file servers - block viruses and spyware before these are able to do any damage on your network. The solutions we offer support advanced features such as centralised management, remote administration, and reporting.

Secure Remote Access - in this day and age, organisations of all types need to cater for remote and mobile workers. Our solutions enable flexible and secure access to corporate applications and data by authorised remote users via technologies such as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

Authentication- Access and Identity Management solutions mean you control and have visibility into who is logging onto your network. Authentication and Access Management solutions allow users access to appropriate network resources and at the same time enable IT management to keep tight control of who gets access to what assets.

Network Security Vulnerability Assessments - we regularly perform audits for clients which cover a comprehensive range of tests which empowers Management with a clear picture of the organisation's current IT security status. This covers firewall scans, virus software currency, open ports, internal security measures, operating system patching and security updates, user rights policies and the like. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions in relation to IT security and to minimise potential threats.

Wireless Security - many executives are unaware of the ways in which wireless networks are at risk by hackers who attempt to intercept information, and gain unauthorised access to the network and data. It is of utmost importance to ensure solid wireless LAN security measures are in place.

Encryption - data encryption solutions ensure protection against hackers and other persons, through the use of industry-proven encryption algorithms, whether data is located on servers, workstations, mobile devices or being sent across the wire.

Mobile Security- as mobile computing becomes increasingly widespread, so does the security requirement to protect the data they contain. Mobile security encompasses fingerprint readers, smart card, fobs/token authentication and hard drive encryption.

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