IT Office Relocation Services It's a significant challenge to relocate a business without a large impact on the productivity of the business. All too often, too little thought and planning goes into the IT aspect of office relocations, usually resulting in unplanned outages, downtime and lost revenue.

In today's business environment where so much is dependent on computer systems and networks, businesses and organisations cannot afford to be without these essential resources; this makes it critical to get the planning, proper documentation and timing of the IT relocation right.

How we can help:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Proven checklists
  • IT relocation experience
  • Useful contacts within the telco/carrier realm
  • Additional manpower as needed

Our staff have conducted many office relocations for our customers over the years. They know the 'gotchas' that are often overlooked and which often cause the most headaches. We have alliances and relationships with service providers and we know the areas which non-IT people have a tendency to overlook - especially when it comes to lead times for the provision of communications services and the geographic availability of services.

Let us take the worry and frustration out of your next office move.