IT Support: Help When You Need it Most

The prospect of hiring a full-time IT support staff doesn’t make sense for many businesses. They simply don’t need someone onsite every day. However, that doesn’t mean that IT support isn’t needed. IT support personnel, whether full-time, part-time or on call is an essential component of nearly every business. After all, our businesses run on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, among other computer-based devices. We need them to work quickly, efficiently, and consistently well. When they don’t it results in loss of productivity, man hours, and revenue.

If you run a small business and don’t have a need for a permanent onsite IT support staff, there are many companies, such as AceNet Solutions, that provide on call support. You don’t have to pay an employee to sit around waiting for something to happen. But, what types of services do IT support companies provide? Let’s take a look.

Network Setup, Administration, Support, and Security

You don’t need to enter into a long, drawn out, expensive contract just to get your network system set up and running. IT support experts can come in, set it up for you, show you and your staff how to use it, and assist you on an as-needed basis. They can also provide the much-needed security to make sure your system is safe.

This is also true of office relocations. If you plan on moving your business to another site, it is critical that you cover all necessary bases, including the relocation of your systems. An IT support team can help you with your move, and that will get you up and running efficiently in short order.

Data Backup and Recovery

Most businesses that don’t have an effective data recovery plan in place close within a year. The loss of data is simply too devastating to overcome. An IT support team can set up a data recovery plan for you to ensure that, should a disaster strike, your business will be up and running again, and your data will be secure.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

You will be backed by a high level of expertise from a collective knowledge and experience of a team of IT professionals.

Your organisation will enjoy a consistency of service over time.  Employees of your organisation can come and go over time but your outsourced IT provider will remain consistent over time.  There will be no need for hidden costs of retraining.  Plus there is no possibility of your entire IT talent leaving you high and dry due a career change or sea change.

You will have year round coverage – your IT support will never be away on sick leave or annual leave.

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