Tired of slow, expensive, unreliable data connections?

Are you or your staff suffering from slow speed data connectivity where many people don’t realise that they are sharing bandwidth with other customers. Typically these services operate at a fraction of the capacity of your local area network (LAN). You may be struggling with out-of-date broadband plans which struggle to provide even 1 or 2Mbps of bandwidth, and usually the upload speed is far less. This is totally inadequate for modern user demands for the transfer of files, and a myriad of voice, data and video-based applications.

AceNet Solutions is now rolling out a raft of exciting broadband solutions which are changing all this, using existing physical infrastructure, whether it be telephone lines or fiber links; we can now extend the Ethernet protocol of your network over previously unsupported media, such as pairs of telephone wiring and strands of optic fiber. The low cost and high bandwidth of these make them extremely well suited for additional services such as voice-over-IP, Cloud-based applications and services, and video-on-demand.

For organisations of all kinds this revolutionises business communications, in particular inter-office connectivity across the corporate WAN. Now more than ever, it is possible for disparate corporate entities to be connected and share resources on a common network just as if they were physically in close proximity. The old era of slow links, drop-outs, variable speed, long waiting times is over, with AceNet's business-grade broadband solutions.

We provide the full spectrum of leading-edge services to suit the needs of business and government, providing the highest- quality services backed by rock-solid Service Level Agreements, and a wide range of speed and data transfer options. Our new Ethernet in the First Mile options provide high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, and for whom Fibre services are prohibitively expensive.

Highly reliable:

  • Managed service - links are proactively monitored
  • Symmetrical - the same speed both uploads and downloads; a must in today's technology environment
  • Fast - Up to 10Gb with minimum guaranteed speed
  • Installation by qualified engineers – we make sure it's done right first time
  • Remote support – we're on standby 24x7 to help with any issues that might crop up
  • Generous download limit/ Unlimited downloads – don't get hit with high 'excess data' charges

AceNet can also assist with solutions which leverage this fast connectivity:

  • Private Networks and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Hosted servers and network infrastructure
  • Voice over IP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Remote Backups over the WAN